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Although many people assume that professional dental care is the sole key to oral health, the best dental health is a team effort between us and our patients. While it is true that modern dentistry and periodontics offer significant benefits, we rely on you to comply with aftercare instructions and abide by a daily oral healthcare regimen to keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

To make it easier for patients to learn about dental conditions, proper procedures, and all of the latest and greatest technologies helping to shape the world of dentistry, we have created this online education center for our patients. These articles include great information that can help you to understand your current or potential conditions, understand dental dangers, and become familiar with the procedures we offer.

Dr. Roll and Dr. Williams have dedicated their careers to expanding their education and sharing knowledge with others. If you have questions about any of these topics, contact us today.

Drs. Roll and Williams have collected a series of articles and is making them available to their patients to help you understand your dental health, and the treatments that are available today. Patient education is important to us.

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Heart Disease

Learn about the link between heart disease and oral health.

Herbal Medications

Your dentist needs to know if you take any type of herbal supplement. Learn why by reading this article.


Did you know that clinical depression has been tied to periodontal disease? Read more about this topic in this article.


Learn how osteoporosis could affect your teeth and jaw.

Women’s Diet

Your diet can significantly impact your dental health. Read this article to learn how increasing your calcium intake could reduce your risk for periodontal disease.

Women’s Articles

This group of articles discusses topics pertinent to women, including how periodontal disease can affect your pregnancy.

Xerostomia- Dry Mouth

This piece explores the importance of saliva regarding your oral health, and how dry mouth can be resolved.

Children and Teens

Children’s Cosmetic Issues

Learn how Drs. Roll and Williams can address cosmetic dental issues in children.

Children’s Diet

Learn how your child’s diet could directly impact their oral health, and how to improve their diet to benefit their smile.

Children’s Orthodontics

Read this article to learn about orthodontic treatment options for children and teens.

Dental Sealants

Sealants can protect your children’s teeth from bacteria and erosion.

Mouth Protectors

Custom mouth protectors can help to shield your child’s teeth from impact and protect from concussions. Protectors are also used to treat problems like teeth grinding and sleep apnea.

Dental Decay and Gum Disease

Fosamax & Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Learn which medications could cause osteonecrosis of the jaw.

Gum Disease and Stillbirth

Periodontal disease has been tied to increased pregnancy risks for women. Learn how to prevent tooth decay and reduce your risk here.

Gum Recession

Gum recession can cause extreme dental sensitivity and an unsightly appearance. Learn how gum recession is evaluated.

Maintenance Therapy

This article focuses on maintenance therapy, or keeping your teeth healthy and disease-free.


Find out more about non-surgical treatments for periodontal disease.

Tooth Decay

Learn how to prevent tooth decay and baby bottle mouth in children.

Tooth Loss

Read about emergency care for dental emergencies, such as chipping a tooth or having a tooth knocked out.

Tooth Loss, Aging, and Facial Collapse

Losing teeth can affect more than your smile. Tooth loss can equal bone loss, which can cause facial collapse.

Advances in Dentistry

Dental Anesthesia

Learn more about dental anesthesia and how Drs. Roll and Williams prevent pain during procedures.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays are faster and more accurate. Read more about them in this article.

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