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Dr Silberg with a patient who recently received dental implants

We can replace your current denture or the teeth you are missing with permanent teeth through our dental implant procedures. Dental implants have helped many people by giving them a smile that brings confidence and comfort. Dental implants lead to an aesthetically pleasing smile that is bright and full, and they also have the functionality and comfort of original teeth as they are real and permanent.

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What are dental implants?

Natural teeth are made up of a root and crown. A dental implant is made of a titanium base, which acts as the root, and a porcelain crown, which acts just like an original tooth. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth.

When a tooth is lost, the root and the crown is lost. There are many reasons that people are suffering from missing teeth. Injuries and dental crown failings can lead to tooth loss. Luckily, Dr. Silberg can work with you to build you a new, bright smile that functions normally.

What is the process of receiving dental implants like?

1: A titanium implant will be placed in the jawbone to replace the root. After the titanium implant is placed, you will be given time to heal. During this healing process, the jawbone will grow around the implant and create a strong foundation for the tooth part of the implant that will be put in later on.

2: Next, a support post, known as an abutment will be placed into the titanium implant.

3: A porcelain crown is placed onto the post. This crown will act and look like a new tooth. The crown is made to fit precisely in your mouth and match your remaining teeth.

We offer many options and choices if you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth. Dr. Silberg is happy to answer questions and discuss options with you at the time of your appointment. He and the rest of our team at Silber Center for Dental Science will work with you to place an implant that will last the rest of your lifetime.

Mark E. Silberg, DMD

"I am always amazed the way people simply take the health or appearance of their teeth for granted. In today's society, we have all become so accustomed to maintaining and improving our health and our physical appearance, whether it's with dieting and exercise, or treatments to turn back the clock and make us look better. But, when it comes to our teeth, people never realize just how much a healthy and bright smile can make them look and feel better, younger and happier. I have had so many patients come to me after getting a full set of permanent teeth dental implants, or just replacing a few missing teeth, and tell me just how amazed they are at just how dramatically it has changed their appearance and their outlook on life."

- Dr. Mark Silberg

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Why choose a dental implant?

Missing teeth can impact how you chew, bite, speak, and eat. You will also be forced to rely on your other teeth more which means these teeth are at increased risk or wearing out or becoming damaged. Missing teeth can also lead to headaches and jaw pain. Because of these health reasons, it is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. A dental implant is the most comfortable and permanent solution to replace missing teeth. The implant creates a strong foundation for the replacement teeth and keeps jaws bones health.

Dental bridges can impact the structure of the surrounding healthy teeth, and they are often difficult to clean around. Removable options like dentures are uncomfortable and unnatural. They have to be taken out frequently and can also damage the supporting teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, function like your original teeth. They don’t require regular maintenance, and they create a uniform, healthy smile.

What is the cost of a dental implant?

Dental implants can be a bit pricy in some case because many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of this procedure. This is because they consider dental implants a cosmetic procedure. But, when you have a broken or missing tooth, getting it replaced is not just cosmetic. Teeth replacement is needed to keep your mouth and jaw health and to protect the rest of your teeth. Missing teeth can also making chewing and eating uncomfortable.

Dental implants can last a lifetime, in most cases. This makes them a sound investment. Other methods of tooth replacement, like dentures and dental bridges, require regular maintenance and repair. Patients will usually have to get them replaced or fixed every five to ten years. This means that when looking across many years, dental implants may not cost as much as other tooth replacement methods.

Our office also provides many financing options that make getting a dental implant more affordable than ever. We are happy to discuss options with you, and we will work with you to figure out the best way for our move forward in receiving dental implants.

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With dental implants, you will get a smile that is beautiful and bright. Along with this, you will have a mouthful of teeth that provide relief from the pain, discomfort, and frustration of dentures or missing teeth. At The Silberg Center for Dental Science, we will walk you through each step of the process. Give us a call today to request an appointment and get started on the process.

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You can have real teeth! For life!

Dr. Mark Silberg is our dental implant specialist. He makes it his mission to help people get rid of dentures and other ineffective, clumsy dental treatments related to tooth loss. He wants to provide reliable, quality patient care and solutions for treatment. Dr. Silberg is dedicated to helping people all over Pittsburgh improve their smiles and dental health through long-lasting, beautiful dental implants. If you have suffered from dentures or pain from missing teeth, he is here to help you. You do not have to deal with the embarrassment or discomfort that can come along with damaged or missing teeth, and you can avoid the struggles of dentures and other ineffectual tooth loss treatments.

You will never again have to suffer from the use of dentures or the pain & embarrassment of missing teeth. Ever!

Dental implants provide a long-term solution to missing teeth.

Our procedure is based on complex dental science that comes from over twenty-five years of experience from Dr. Silberg.

Patients all over Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas have made the decision to get rid of their uncomfortable dentures in favor of dental implants & have chosen Dr. Silberg because of his experience and knowledge.

Having teeth that are missing, or having uncomfortable dentures, can get in the way of daily life for patients. If you are tired of settling for an ineffective traditional dental treatment, then consider a procedure that will restore your smile and allow you to chew, speak, and go about your daily life as normal.

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Recent Patient Testimonials

"The entire procedure from implant evaluation to laser surgery, stem cell surgery, and final pressure testing of implant ( a 14 month process ) was handled in a very professional manner. Treatment pain throughout the entire process was minimal. The use of state of the art technology was very impressive. I will make sure that my referring dentist is made aware of the great experience that I received at Silberg Center. Again, I want to thank Dr, Silberg and his pleasant staff for making the implant procedure go so well."

  5 out of 5 stars by Kenneth R on 12-19-2014

"Dr. Silberg and staff are wonderful and explained the procedure with great detail. Excellent Customer Service was provided on each visit and phone conversations."

  5 out of 5 stars by Beth Rose on 12-14-2014

"I have a horrible fear of the dentist but the Silberg staff was amazing and really helped with that. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating.I always felt informed and anytime I had additional questions, they were always willing to take time to answer them. Dr. Silberg even called the night of my surgery to check on me and see if he could answer any recovery questions I may have. No Dr. has ever done that before which shows how much their office really cares!"

  5 out of 5 stars by Rhetta N. on 08-08-2014

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