Sure, we’ve told you all of the wonderful ways that Dr. Katherine L. Roll and our team can help you to enjoy your life without dentures, repair damage to your gums or teeth, and enhance your overall health and appearance, but why take our word for it? No one can tell you better than our own patients.

The Pinnacle Center – What Was Your Experience?

There was no pain.
Don’t delay treatment.
My implant was so easy.
Dr. Silberg is a specialist.
Everyone at the office is great.
Complex care.
Patient Service is #1.

Patient Reviews


What do you think about your dental implants?


“As a general dentist I choose the dentists that provide my care very carefully. That’s why I chose Dr. Silberg when I needed to have 2 implants placed. He provided the knowledge and expertise that I always expect. My situation was challenging, due to space limitations, and I must say that the procedure was executed flawlessly. My implants have been in place now for 3 years. I am completely satisfied with the outcome and I would definitely have Dr. Silberg do it again if the need arose.

Dr. Jeannie Spine
Kennedy Township, PA

Mary Lou from McKees Rocks, PA

“Dr. Silberg impressed me with his thoughtfulness and knowledge as well as his expertise during surgery. His concern for my welfare after surgery was apparent by his accessibility.”

Carolyn from Sewickley, PA

“Thank you for my fantastic results, and for the expert, gentle care I received before, during and after my procedure. Enough cannot be said about how wonderful you and your staff are.”

Matt from Mt. Lebanon, PA

“I love my new implant. My front tooth was injured nearly 20 years ago because of a bicycle accident. A root canal and two crowns later, the tooth finally had to be removed. The teeth on either side were perfect and it made no sense to me to grind them into small stubs in order to place a bridge. When I found out that the bridge would be hard to keep clean or it could decay, and might only last 8 to 10 years, I knew that the implant was for me. I was totally amazed at how easy the procedure was and how little discomfort I had. I did expect the worst but, believe it or not, the procedure was nothing like I expected. I recommend this procedure to anyone who needs to replace a missing tooth and I highly recommend Dr. Silberg.”

Tim from Pittsburgh, PA

“Since the completion of my treatment I feel 100% confident of myself and my smile and no longer ashamed to open my mouth in direct conversation with an individual.”

Tim from Pittsburgh, PA

“Since the completion of my treatment I feel 100% confident of myself and my smile and no longer ashamed to open my mouth in direct conversation with an individual.”

Tim from Pittsburgh, PA

“Since the completion of my treatment I feel 100% confident of myself and my smile and no longer ashamed to open my mouth in direct conversation with an individual.”

Tim from Pittsburgh, PA

“Since the completion of my treatment I feel 100% confident of myself and my smile and no longer ashamed to open my mouth in direct conversation with an individual.”

Bea from Steubenville, OH

“I just want to let you know how delighted I am with the outcome of the procedure you performed to re-grow some tissue around my front teeth where there was significant gum recession. The procedure itself was not at all painful and the recuperation was not at all as intrusive as I had imagined. Best thing there is no evidence of any kind of surgery to my gum when I smile!”

Bob from Cranberry Township, PA

“Thank you for helping me to help myself! You have helped me get the proper perspective (about my dental health). That I can’t just turn my periodontal problems over to you to fix like a set of brakes. That my teeth are a part of me, can’t be separated, and I am ultimately the person who is in charge of their health. You are the contractor, but the contractor can’t take the place of, or the role of, the owner.”

Don from Moon Township, PA

“Thank you, Dr. Silberg, for the very excellent work on my new teeth! I was so impressed with the care and professionalism I received from you and your entire office! It gave me an entirely new perspective on the patient/doctor relationship.”

Sue from Weirton, WV

“After experiencing gum recession and tooth loss, I contacted Dr. Silberg who had been recommended by a friend. His tests and x-rays led to the determination that, due to extensive bone loss, my upper teeth could not be saved. All options were discussed and I decided on full upper implants. Dr. Silberg did some bone grafting before he placed the seven implants in my upper jaw. He made an extra effort to alleviate any concerns I have had and has always checked after each procedure to make sure that Im doing OK. Ive appreciated Dr. Silberg s professionalism each step of the way.”

Betty from Pittsburgh, PA

“I couldn’t bear the thought of going through another root canal. I had already had several of them fail and I knew there had to be a better solution. No one had ever told me that dental implants were an option for me. I had a vague idea that dental implants were some kind of painful, expensive cosmetic surgery. I didn’t want that! But when I finally got the real story, I realized that I had been completely wrong in my assumptions. It turned out that dental implants were a great value for me, and the best option for replacing my missing teeth and keeping my mouth healthy long term.”

Michelle from Bridgeville, PA

“Dr. Silberg took the time to get to know me as an individual, and once I felt that I was understood I was comfortable despite bad dental experiences in my past. The entire staff went out of their way to be kind and helpful.”

Deborah from North Hills, PA

“The process of getting my dental implants was easily divided into small steps which were much easier than a root canal. I had almost no discomfort after the procedure. And now I have my new teeth and I couldn’t be happier. They feel like my real teeth. It was easy!”

Betty Ann from Corapolis, PA

“I recently received two implants to replace my molars. At first, I was worried about the bone grafting and bone growth that was needed before the implant treatment, but I am happy to say that with all the care, compassion and professionalism that Dr. Silberg and his entire staff provided me throughout the treatment process, I never had a reason to be worried. I can’t say enough how happy I am with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Silberg’s services to anyone.”

What Dentists Are Saying

“As a general dentist I welcome the opportunity to refer my patients to Dr. Silberg. Time and again Dr. Silberg has proven his superb clinical skills in producing excellent results. His knowledge of occlusion and its relation to implant dentistry gives me the confidence that patients with complex cases will best be served by Mark’s extensive experience. As with my patients who are referred for general periodontal services, my implant patients return to my office healthy and excited about their restorative phase of treatment. Nine times out of ten, my patients decide to proceed with dental implants after their consultation visit. Dr. Silberg and his team successfully educate my patients about the benefits of dental implants and help them overcome their concerns. It is a seamless process. My patients love the office and appreciate the care and concern shown by the entire staff. They always thank us for the referral.

In 2009 when one of my lower front teeth cracked I experienced the fact that dentists are not immune to dental problems. I asked Dr. Silberg to remove the failing tooth, place bone generating materials in the socket, and later place an implant. The procedures were flawless and I was amazed I experienced no pain during or after the procedures. My implant is now restored as a beautiful and functional new tooth. The best part is I now have first hand knowledge of what an implant feels like and can confidently recommend Dr. Silberg to my patients knowing personally what excellent care they will receive from Dr. Silberg and his whole staff.

Dr. Betty Jo Hirschfield
Mt. Lebanon, PA


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