We love questions, we love explaining dental care, and we love patients who are interested in learning. Here are some resources you may find interesting. Contact us for a consultation with Dr. Roll and ask her all your questions!

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Education is powerful, and we encourage all of our patients to read more about healthy habits, the practice of dentistry, new technologies, and general health and wellness. Check out these great websites for more information.

Dental Health

  • The American Dental Association


    The American Dental Association site offers valuable resources for providers and patients alike, including the latest recommendations and statements from the ADA, research publications, information about the ADA code of conduct, and guidelines for preventing dental decay. The site also has plenty of helpful information about public programs, including drinking water fluoride levels, volunteer efforts, and even help finding an ADA approved dentist.

  • The American Academy of Periodontology


    The American Academy of Periodontology website is packed with great information including what periodontists do, how we can help, and detailed explanations for preventing and treating gum disease. Like the ADA, the American Academy of Periodontology also uses their site to publish recent findings and recommendations for patients and their dental healthcare providers.

Overall Health and Wellness

  • National Institute of Health


    The National Institute of Health offers patients detailed information regarding healthcare, general wellness, and clinical medical trials. Recent research findings are available on the website, giving you valuable information that could help you to shape your medical or dental care plan.

  • NIH Bone Health


    Bone health can directly affect dental health, which is why we recommend visiting the National Institute of Health’s page on Osteoporosis and other bone related diseases. This section of the NIH website offers patients information about osteoporosis, how to prevent bone loss, and how to spot the symptoms early.

  • National Osteoporosis Foundation


    Another excellent resource for bone health information is the National Osteoporosis Foundation. This website offers detailed information regarding diet and wellness practices to help to fend off osteoporosis, as well as preventing bone fractures and other injuries if you have already been diagnosed with the disease. Patients can also find helpful tools such as “doctor visit checklists” to make sure that you cover all of your bases when you meet with your healthcare providers.

  • Today Health and Wellness


    Today Health and Wellness explores a wide variety of health, wellness and dentistry topics in a fun, approachable way. Explore articles on everything from keeping your kiddos cavity free to how different medications could affect your daily routine.

  • PsyCom – Mental Health Advocates


    Depression and other mental health problems are very real issues that can affect your dental and periodontal wellness, which is why we encourage all of our patients to learn more about these problems. PsyCom is a great website created by a team of mental health advocates. This website offers helpful information regarding depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, and many other crucial topics.

  • Journal of the American Medical Association


    Feel like an expert with the help of the Journal of the American Medical Association. This incredible, publicly viewable website has collections of scientific papers that explore all of the latest and greatest technologies, medications, and treatments. After brushing up on all of the latest research, you can even participate in JAMA quizzes and polls to test your knowledge.

Women’s Health

  • Women’s Health Interactive


    Talk with other women about the health problems that you are dealing with in the Women’s Health Interactive forums. Anyone can register for a free account, post questions about their women’s health issues, and find answers to common problems.

  • Harvard Women’s Health Watch


    Harvard Medical School also has a section of their website completely dedicated to women’s health issues. Women can read more about issues that could affect your personal and dental health, including hormonal fluctuations, menopause, and childbirth.

For more information about finding great resources online, contact your Pittsburgh periodontist, Dr. Katherine L. Roll.


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