Laser Gum DePigmentation Treatment In Pittsburgh

It Isn't Just About Your Teeth

When most people think about their smile, they tend to focus more on their teeth than anything else. However, the fact of the matter is that your gums play an important role too: framing your teeth. If your gums are misshapen or discolored, it can take the focus off of your pearly whites or make your mouth look strange.

Fortunately, The Silberg Center for Dental Science, offers laser gum depigmentation to make your oral tissues look perfect. Here is a little more information about laser gum depigmentation, and what to expect if you undergo this simple procedure:

Gum Depigmentation

Dr. Silberg will use a gentle laser which reacts with the water present in your gums, resulting in beautifully even colored gums.

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Don't Let Dark, Splotchy Gums Ruin Your Smile

If your gums look discolored, there might be a reason why. Here are a few common reasons patients experience darkened or splotchy gums:

  • Poor Dental Hygiene: If you have a longstanding history of not caring your teeth, your gums might show your past transgressions. Gums can become red, inflamed, or permanently discolored because of past infections or scarring.
  • Ethnicity: People with dark skin are the patients who are most commonly affected by dark or splotchy gums. Some patients can have a surplus of melanin in the skin and other soft tissues, making your gums look dark and unhealthy.
  • Personal Habits: Habits like smoking or chewing tobacco can also discolor your gums. Although bleaching is effective against damaged, discolored tissues, the problem won't be completely resolved unless you change your ways. If you have signs of gum disease please do come in and make an appointment to see what Dr. Silberg will recommend as a treatment.
  • Medications: Unfortunately, some medications can alter people's oral tissues. If you have taken a medication that makes your gums dark, laser depigmentation can help. However, if you continue to take the medication, the procedure might have to be repeated in the future.

Laser gum depigmentation is incredibly effective. Dr. Silberg will use a gentle laser that reacts with the water present in your gums to even out the color. Although it might seem painful to let a dentist zap your gum with a laser, it's actually a largly painless procedure. It can also be comforting to know that it is a simple and fast recovery. The procedure can usually be completed in a single visit.

What To Expect the Day Of Your Procedure

After Dr. Silberg has determined that you are a good candidate for gum depigmentation, your gums will be checked for infections, incisions, or other abnormalities. Next, a gentle topical anesthetic will be applied to the gums to keep you comfortable. If you have a low pain threshold, Dr. Silberg can give you normal anesthetic shots, although most patients don't require this extra medicine. Next, a gentle laser will be used to quickly blast away dark patches. The treatment will take between 20 to 45 minutes, but the results will last a lifetime if you care for your gums properly. After the procedure, you might experience some gum sensitivity or a minimal amount of pain, but you should be able to speak and eat normally directly following your visit.

If you think that laser gum depigmentation sounds like a procedure that is right for you, contact our officetoday.

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