The dental field is always growing. As technology becomes more accessible and applicable, we are able to find new uses and benefits in many areas of life. Advances in medical technology have had a profound impact on dentistry and the methods we use to analyze, diagnose, and treat our patients. In particular, these advances have enabled more effective and positive outcomes for implant dentistry. Pittsburgh periodontist Dr. Silberg stays up to date on the applications of new dental technology, and chooses the best and most advanced procedures to benefit his patients.

In the past, there was much more guesswork in dental implant surgery. Dental impressions and the experience of the dentist ensured that dental implants would usually fit pretty well after some adjustment. But with the advancement of digital imaging and 3-D modeling, we can create an exact replica of your mouth, teeth, gums and tongue. From specific areas (such as where a tooth is missing) to entire mouth shapes, this new technology has improved dentistry drastically, and taken out virtually all the guesswork. Using state of the art equipment, we can obtain images of your mouth that are so accurate that we could navigate even the minutest of details with a few strokes of a keyboard. Because of this, the dental implants our Pittsburgh office provides are some of the best—and most easily placed—in the history of modern dentistry.

With virtual dental implant planning, preparing for the procedure and actually placing the implants is greatly simplified, meaning you spend less time in the chair. Using digital imaging, we can print surgical guides that are actually used in the procedure, ensuring that the implants are placed in the exact spot with the greatest bone strength, and with the highest chances of success. With the guidance of computer imaging, the dental implant process is simpler and more effective than ever.

Dr. Silberg is experienced in the use of virtual dental implant planning. Our patients love the simplicity it brings and the accuracy it provides. Make an appointment today and see for yourself how our tech-savvy approach to dentistry can improve your smile.


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