Options for Dental ImplantsAt The Silberg Center For Dental Science, we are on a mission to help people find a better solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement that will keep you comfortable when you eat, smile, or laugh. As part of our mission, we want to educate you about all your implant options. What’s best for you will depend on the details of your dental health; but we can at least give you an idea of what possibilities there are for dental implants in Pittsburgh.

Traditional dental implants for single teeth

Generally, getting implants takes multiple visits. On the first visit we will give you an exam, ask about your dental history, take impressions of your teeth, and discuss your treatment options. Usually, the root portion of your implant is placed during your next visit, topped with temporary crowns until the root fully fuses with your jaw bone. Sometimes a visit is needed to secure an abutment, or connector, to the implant. This abutment in turn connects to your permanent crown. There are also implants in which the post and abutment are one piece, placed at the same time.

Traditional implants for fixed bridges

Even with traditional implants, there are many possible variations. If you are missing multiple teeth, you’ll have the option of choosing individual implants for each missing tooth or getting a single implant which will support a dental bridge. This is the less expensive option, and while it is not as close an imitation of your natural mouth structure, it is still an excellent choice for function and aesthetics.

Immediate Load Dental Implants

Immediate load dental implants are also known as same day implants. If you have strong enough natural bone, you can have an implant complete with temporary crown placed during a single visit; you’ll come back just once to receive your permanent crown, individually crafted to fit your mouth.

Mini Implants

For a less invasive option, talk with us about mini implants, which are smaller in diameter than traditional implants. We consider using mini implants when there is a need to secure a complete lower or loose denture. It is also an option for patients that can’t receive traditional implants.  

Subperiosteal Implants

If there isn’t enough jawbone to secure traditional implants and a bone graft is not an option, we offer subperiosteal implants. These implants are not secured in the bone, but are placed below your gumline and sit on top of the bone. While we’d prefer traditional implants where possible, these can be an excellent second choice.

Remember, the best option for you will depend upon the health and shape of your mouth. If you are looking in Pittsburgh for dental implants, please contact us today to learn more about your choices. We’ll answer your questions and help determine the treatment option that fits your situation.


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