Mini Dental Implants in Pittsburgh, PA

Suffering With Tooth Loss

Losing your teeth can be hard—especially if the loss wasn’t the result of your own actions. Patients who have experienced trauma to the face or who have certain medical conditions can lose their teeth, leaving them with an embarrassing, gummy smile. For some people, wearing traditional dentures can be another embarrassing ordeal. You might worry about your teeth getting knocked loose or being obvious, which can also affect your self esteem. To fix your teeth for good, you might be interested in getting dental implants. Unfortunately, traditional dental implants aren’t right for everyone.

When Traditional Dental Implants Aren’t An Option

Because traditional dental implants basically consist of a series of anchors that secure each false tooth in place, the underlying bone has to be healthy enough to provide adequate structure. Unfortunately, if your teeth have been missing for awhile, your jawbone can gradually resorb, which can make it hard to place dental implants. 

Although Dr. Silberg can add bone grafts to the area to bolster the bone, this procedure can be costly and it can take a long time to heal. Fortunately, there might be a better way to perfect your smile: mini dental implants.

Mini Dental Implants in Pittsburgh, PA

The smaller size of the mini dental implant means that it can be utilized where a traditional implant isn't an option.

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The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

The main difference between traditional implants and mini dental implants is the size of the anchor and how the anchor is placed. Unlike traditional dental implant anchors, which are typically 3.75 millimeters wide, mini dental implant anchors are usually between 1.8 millimeters to 3 millimeters wide. This smaller size means that the implants can fit into smaller spaces and into less bone. Here are a few other great benefits of these innovative implants:

  • Minimally Invasive: Unlike traditional implants, which require incisions, long healing times, and multiple visits, mini dental implants are minimally invasive. In fact, the implants can be placed and loaded with crowns the same day—saving you time and keeping you from walking around without teeth. 
  • Stable: To keep your implants strong, mini dental implants are usually placed in sets. For example, you might receive four mini implants along your bottom jawline, with an attached denture that snaps onto the abutments. 
  • Affordable: Because mini dental implants take less time to place and are less invasive, they are also much more affordable than traditional implants. In fact, Dr. Silberg might even be able to retrofit your existing dentures to work with your new mini dental implant anchors—which can save you even more money. 

If you have missing teeth and you know that your bone has resorbed, talk with Dr. Silberg today about mini dental implants. If you are worried about your implants looking out of place, you shouldn’t be. Your dental implants or new dentures can be matched to the rest of your smile, so that the repair blends in perfectly. 

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Here at the Silberg Center for Dental Science, we pride ourselves on helping our patients. If you have questions about mini dental implants or you want to see some before and after pictures, please let us know. Dr. Silberg would be more than happy to discuss your options. 

We work closely as a team with your referring dentist, but a referral by a dentist is not required for a visit to our office. We welcome referrals from patients and friends of the practice.

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