If you are like most people, missing a few teeth can put a serious cramp in your day-to-day activities. In addition to making it more difficult to chew food, you might find yourself trying to skip family photos or laugh with your mouth closed. Unfortunately, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing dentures or fussing with partial bridges, hiding might seem like your only option. However, dental implants are a superior remedy that can offer you these benefits:

1: Comfort

If you don’t like dealing with adhesives or worrying about your dentures popping loose during your next golf game, you might be a little concerned about getting fitted for dentures. Partial bridges can also be embarrassing, since friends and family members might be able to spot the mouthpiece wires when you talk or laugh.

Fortunately, dental implants are a comfortable alternative that you will love for years. Since dental implants are actually anchored into your jawbone, they function just like normal teeth. In addition to staying where they should, dental implants are comfortable and don’t require extra care. By continuing to brush and floss, you can keep your new teeth pristine.

2: Aesthetics

Are you worried about your smile transforming overnight? One of the best things about dental implants is that they are custom crafted for each patient, so they look just like your regular teeth. On the other hand, if you want to improve your smile, dental implants can be designed to meet your needs. Dr. Silberg can alter the shape and color of each implant so that you gain the smile you have always wanted.

Also, since the implants are placed directly into your jawbone, you won’t have to worry about those tell-tell signs of dental work, like strange gum lines or mis-matched teeth. Dental implants look more natural for each patient, so that you can smile, eat, and laugh without worry.

3: Bone Loss Prevention

One of the most important reasons to choose dental implants over other alternatives is that they can prevent bone loss. As you chew and talk, your naturally rooted teeth stimulate your jawbone, keeping the entire area healthy. Unfortunately, if you choose dentures, the underlying bone won’t be as stimulated, which will cause your jawbone to melt away and resorb. However, dental implants stimulate your jawbone just like your natural teeth, protecting your face shape and keeping your surrounding dental structures healthy.

If dental implants sound like something that would work for you, talk with Dr. Silberg at your next appointment.



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