Just like Dr. Silberg says in the video above, when the majority of people smile, we raise our upper lip,  and show our teeth with a little bit of gum.  It’s natural and looks like a normal smile.  But there are instances where individuals will smile, raise their upper lip and show a lot of gum and a little bit of teeth. It is much more of a gummy smile.  Which can be lead to make them believe that they have smaller teeth than most. This is not true in the slightest.

We all have the desire to smile. Someone says a joke, we want to pose for a picture, or you just naturally want to express your sense of happiness, but having a gummy smile can make us feel hesitant to show our teeth in public. It can feel embarrassing, and you may struggle to feel confident about your smile. If you believe that you have a gummy smile and may need some help then it can be very wise to schedule an appointment to come and talk with Dr. Silberg about your situation.  As he said in the video, with very minor shaping and resculpting of your gums, your entire tooth (or teeth) can be made visible. Your gums will finally compliment your teeth rather than cover them up. Your self confidence will grow and finally you will not be hesitant to hide your natural and beautiful smile when you are spending time with others and going throughout your day. With the experience and expertise that Dr. Silberg and the staff at Silberg Center for Dental Science have, it is a simple procedure that creates lasting smiles by simply changing the way that your gums sit between your natural teeth.

Now there are also instances that there would be a need to reshape your gums because of gum disease, commonly known as Gingivitis. More often than not when you are faced with gum disease it’s caused from a lack of brushing and flossing, doing it improperly, or a piece of food or different particle that is in a place you can’t reach on your own.  There are a lot of nooks and crannies inside of your mouth that can be difficult to reach.  If this problem is left untreated then your gums will start to become inflamed, which means they turn red, are sensitive if touched, and when brushed can start to bleed.  If you have any of these symptoms with your gums then it is vital that you come in and see Dr. Silberg before more damage can take place.

He can recommend the proper treatment to help your gums become healthy again, and in some instances there might be the need for gum reshaping or repair.  Dr. Silberg’s goal is to provide a healthy happy smile to all of his patients and if your gums are not treated with as much care as your regular teeth, you might actually lose your teeth. Gum disease can lead to bone loss and even loss of teeth.  We want to work with you to prevent those kinds of problems from ever happening to you.  But, do keep in mind that if you have had such an instance happen, you can be rest assured that there are methods to fix the problem. Dr. Silberg is an expert in dental implants, and they can be used to replace missing or lost teeth. What is even better is that they look, feel and act like your normal teeth.

For any additional questions, or if you would like to come in and meet with Dr. Silberg, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are happy to talk with you about any procedure you might be interested in.


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