While we can all appreciate the benefits of maintaining a healthy smile, your oral health influences far more than your mouth. The mouth is truly the window to your overall health, and the oral-systemic link remains one of the most significant reasons why you should visit us on a regular basis even if your teeth seem to be in great health.

An indicator for over 120 different illnesses

The state of your oral health can tell professionals about far more than the state of your teeth and gums. Symptoms including swollen gums, bone loss, and bleeding can all be signs of other conditions throughout the body. While many cases of gingivitis and other oral health problems are restricted to the mouth, investigating the symptoms can help diagnose and treat other kinds of health issues.

Some of the systemic diseases that can be linked to oral health include osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases. In fact, gum disease can increase the likelihood of getting certain cancers by over 50% while stroke rates can increase by up to 300%.

Aside from systemic diseases of a physical nature, it’s possible for gum disease and poor oral health to impact your emotional health too. After all, the status of your smile has a huge impact on the way you are received by others, which consequently influences your self-confidence and chances of suffering from issues like social anxiety.

Essentially, then, it’s not an overstatement to suggest that oral health can alter the quality and quality of your life due to the direct links with systemic diseases. For this reason alone, staying vigilant to your oral health is vital.

Poor oral health can worsen other conditions

Bacteria grows in every mouth. However, it’s when plaque and tartar are allowed to spread to the organs and blood that problems occur. As such, employing a better oral health routine can actively reduce your chances of developing related conditions by preventing bacterial infections.

Several steps can be taken to remove plaque and prevent tartar, which will keep your oral health in the best possible condition. The most significant steps are to:

  • Brush twice daily and use floss and mouthwash at least once per day
  • Ensure that you stay hydrated
  • Avoid foods and drinks that are known to encourage the film of plaque to develop quickly
  • Change your toothbrush or toothbrush heads on a frequent basis
  • Visit the dentist frequently

The final point is as crucial as maintaining a winning daily habit, especially as they can complete the deep clean that you simply cannot do at home. This means getting under the gumline to clear plaque and tartar. Meanwhile, they can treat gingivitis and other gum diseases while also providing advice about any systemic conditions that may have been identified.

For the sake of your immediate and ongoing oral and general health, paying greater attention to these issues is key.

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