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Dental implants have become a prominent service in the dental industry, but many patients assume that any general dentist can tackle the procedure. In fact, the quality of service can be extremely different if your dentist isn’t trained surgically to place dental implants or trained in the bone grafting procedure. You may even find that your implants fail and may have to be placed again, which takes more time and more expense. Fortunately, the Silberg Center for Dental Science makes finding a professional for dental implants in Pittsburgh extremely easy!

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, our dental implant specialist Dr. Silberg, is very experienced in providing this revolutionary dental procedure. Dr. Silberg placed his first dental implants in 1984, and those patients still have their implants functioning today! If you are looking for top-quality dental implants from one of the best implant specialists in the Pittsburgh area, look no further than The Silberg Center for Dental Science!

What Makes Us Qualified to Place Your Implants?

Periodontitis and Maxillofacial surgeons are the only two surgical specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. Dr. Silberg graduated from Syracuse University with a dental degree in 1978. After he earned his degree, Dr. Silberg earned his postdoctoral specialty training in periodontology, making him a capable (and certified) dental implant specialist. The extra years of specialty training is what sets Dr. Slberg apart from other dentists in the area.

Why Not Just Any Other Dentist?

If a dentist is interested in learning how to place dental implants, a majority of them attend a short 1-3 day course. The class time is short, and also barely provides dentists with a comprehensive overview of the procedure. Unlike a certified periodontist or dental surgeon, when taking the course, dentists are not trained to treat and foresee problems that could occur during surgery. When your dentist doesn’t know how to solve a problem when placing the implants, it can compromise your dental (and even overall) health. Instead of visiting any general dentist for your dental implant, visit our dental implant specialist in Pittsburgh. You and your mouth will be glad that you did!

Dr. Silberg and his team of highly trained, highly capable dental and surgical assistants are some of the best in the business, and some of the best in the Pittsburgh area. You’ll love the way your dental implants turn out, and you’ll love having an experienced specialist to guide you through your surgical and healing processes. Make an appointment with us today!


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