Years ago, gum grafting was the only way to cover exposed dental roots. Unfortunately, the surgery required cutting, stitches, scarring, an uncomfortable recovery and stitch removal, which is why pinhole surgery is such an incredible dental technique.

Pinhole Surgery: An Overview

Pinhole Surgical Technique in Pittsburgh

Instead of cutting flaps around the gum tissue and sewing grafts into place, pinhole surgery is all about pushing your existing gum tissue downwards to cover exposure. During pinhole surgery, a small incision about the size of a pinhole is made above the affected area after the mouth is numbed with a powerful anesthetic. Next, Dr. Silberg uses specialized tools to gently reposition the gum tissue. After the gums are in place, the doctor inserts tiny collagen strips into the tunnel to encourage healing and to keep the gums in place.  Effective immediately and minimally invasive, patients typically heal very quickly from the procedure and are happy with their long-lasting results.

Benefits of Pinhole Surgery

One of the greatest benefits of pinhole surgery is the fact that patients can avoid general anesthesia and multiple wound sites. Additionally, since Dr. Silberg can treat multiple teeth at the same time, the procedure is a lot faster than traditional gum grafting. The entire procedure is stitch-free, which means patients can avoid scars, hyper-pigmentation, and additional trips to the dentist to have sutured removed. Recovery is incredibly straightforward, and most people are eating and drinking normally after about 24 hours following surgery.  

Why Pinhole Surgery Is Important

Caused by issues like hormone deficiency, poor oral hygiene, smoking, bruxism, medications, and aggressive brushing, gum recession is more serious than most people realize. Although most people assume that gum recession is a minor cosmetic issue, receding gums can actually weaken the periodontal arch by loosening tooth sockets. Since gum tissue is responsible for stabilizing the teeth and lending to the aesthetics of the smile, recession can cause tooth loss, crooked teeth, and problems keeping the teeth clean. Fortunately, pinhole surgery is a simple, highly effective treatment that Dr. Silberg has been offering for years.

Schedule Your Gum Recession Consultation Today

If you have gum recession that is causing problems like sensitivity, schedule a consultation with your periodontist in Pittsburgh today to talk about pinhole surgery. Most patients are candidates for this minimally invasive procedure, and you won’t believe how incredible the results can be.


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