Drinks that eat teeth

As the weather gets warmer and summer is here we start to crave some of our favorite summer drinks! It’s easy to quench our thirst with fruit juices and sodas on a hot day or after a fun summer activity, but so many of these drinks we crave are damaging our teeth! When we drink fluids that are acidic and sugary, we begin to activate erosion on the enamel of our teeth. When that happens, a whole host of problems can occur. We begin to expose the dentin of our teeth, making them appear yellowish. We can also make our teeth extra sensitive, rounded or transparent on the edges, and get lots of plaque build-up. The sugary drinks and treats will promote acid-creating bacteria, which will damage the teeth the same way acidic drinks will.

So, what does ‘acidic’ even mean? When something is acidic it has a pH level between zero and seven. Zero is the most acidic (battery acid has a pH of one) and seven is neutral (water has a pH of seven). Would you believe that grapefruit juice has a pH of three? That’s quite acidic!

Be sure and check out our new “Drinks that Eat Teeth” webpage about drinks that can damage teeth and look for tips on how we can prevent further damage.

Remember also that Dr. Silberg at the Silberg Center for Dental Science to help with detecting acidic erosion within your own mouth. Dr. Silberg’s extensive experience with cosmetic and restorative dentistry will help make your teeth look fabulous, and build your confidence 10 fold! Make an appointment with us if you have questions about what your options are for discoloration, teeth sensitivity, plaque build-up, or any other symptoms of erosion. Many of these symptoms are listed at our “Drinks that Eat Teeth” page.

As one of Pittsburgh’s top periodontists, Dr. Silberg is a great resource to give you a better and healthier smile. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Silberg today!


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