Securing Your DenturesHistorically, the options for dental prosthetics have been limited. But today, if you need dentures, there are several options based on the way you want to secure them. The three main choices are natural suction, suction augmented with adhesives, and dental implants. Each has strengths, but there are also drawbacks to watch out for.

Natural suction has been around for some time, and has only improved through the years. Today it is usually achieved through soft silicone liner suction cups that are applied to the denture. There are many small suction cups that all work together to form a powerful grip using air pressure. They can also be added when relining existing dentures. This is a simple and inexpensive method.

Suction cups augmented with adhesives offer many of the benefits of adhesives, with the added benefit that the adhesive keeps them more firmly in place. They can also assist with dry mouth conditions that can interfere with denture cohesion. On the downside, adhesives can sometimes leave an unpleasant taste, texture, or sensation from adhesive materials that leak out from under the dentures. They can also hamper a dentist’s evaluation of gums and tissue, and the area’s adjustment to dentures. Finally, dental adhesives can expose patients to excess zinc, with detrimental effects on their health.

The last option is in many ways the best. Implant-supported dentures are known to be the most stable type, and rarely if ever come loose. Dental implants are placed in your jawbone itself, which helps stimulate the bone to maintain volume and density, preserving your appearance and health. With as few as six implants total, you can have an entire set of upper and lower dentures with no need for other adhesive methods. Current dentures can also often be adjusted for use with dental implants.

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