If you’re considering getting dental implants in Pittsburgh, you should give careful consideration to who should perform the procedure. While many dentists across varying specialties advertise this service, and many are competent in it, the best chance of success comes from someone who specializes in the supporting structures of a mouth—in other words, a periodontist.

However realistic a dental implant may look, it isn’t living tissue. The only living tissue at an implant site is the gum and bone being operated on—the primary focus of a periodonist’s training. This expertise comes in handy before, during, and after the process of placing an implant. Before, we need to monitor the health of your mouth and make sure you’re in the best shape possible, to give the implant its best chance of success. During, we work with the bone and gum to fit them around the implant in a way that is secure, natural, and comfortable. And afterward, one of the most important things to do is to monitor the implant site for signs of any complications.

The need for a periodontist’s specialized knowledge becomes even more apparent when you consider that most tooth loss in adults is due to periodontal disease. If you have lost teeth to anything other than a sudden accident, chances are the infection remains active. A dental implant can’t be placed in infected tissue without risking implant failure; instead, the infection must be treated to prepare you for the implant procedure. Every day, we clean and disinfect irritated periodontal pockets. Our office is even equipped with a soft tissue laser which we can use to sterilize infected gum tissue and encourage new growth. To create the perfect environment for implants, no one is better equipped or qualified than a periodontist.

If you are missing teeth, Dr. Silberg can provide all the care you need. The Silberg Center for Dental Science is the first choice among Pittsburgh Periodontists for many. Call us today, and start on the path to a healthy, brilliant smile.


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