iStock_000020869654_XXXLargeIn the past, getting a crown was a lengthy procedure, involving weeks of waiting. The process of taking a cast of your tooth, sending it to an outside lab, waiting for them to complete the crown, getting it delivered to your dentist’s office, and finally having it placed in your mouth was a major inconvenience. And the wait for tooth replacement was even worse: a standard wait time between placing the post of an implant and actually installing your custom crown was six months. But thanks to the use of new technology, we are able to offer you teeth in an hour: custom crowns and replacement teeth which can be installed in a single visit.

At the Silberg Center for Dental Science, we understand both the value of your time and the importance of a healthy smile. Working with Dr. Silberg, you can have both. We use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to provide you with crowns and replacement teeth that are ready in minutes and a perfect fit for your mouth.

When you come for your appointment, your existing tooth will be ground down and shaped to receive a crown. Then, instead of taking a physical cast, we capture images of the tooth using a tiny camera which relays the data to a computer. The computer creates a 3D model of your tooth and uses that to determine the final shape of your crown. The crown is then milled on-site from a block of porcelain, using delicately calibrated machinery to produce a perfect fit, and can leave our office with a complete, healthy smile. If you are receiving a dental implant, the procedure is much the same; but instead of taking pictures of a ground-down tooth, the crown will be fitted to the post of your implant. The porcelain crowns we produce mimic the shape and shine of a natural, healthy tooth and will leave your smile at its best.

If you are experiencing tooth decay or damage, or are in need of a tooth replacement, call us or request an appointment online. We will be glad to help repair your smile with a dental crown.


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