iStock_000072615759_LargeThere are several dental procedures that will revitalize your teeth. Many of these procedures are cosmetic dentistry, enhancements to your teeth that are done beyond preventative care. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance the appearance of your teeth. Certain procedures may involve bonding materials to your teeth or using a whitening procedure to help remove stains that have built up over time.


Whitening is perhaps the most basic type of cosmetic dental care. Tooth whitening can remove stains from either soda or coffee. Many people call tooth whitening bleaching. In-office whitening usually involves placing a gel on the teeth that will remove stains. The gel contains a buffer solution that prevents damage to your tooth enamel. In some situations, your teeth can become five shades whiter with in-office dental whitening. There are also over-the-counter products that you can purchase. Dr. Silberg may also provide prescriptions for whitening solutions.


Sometimes, your teeth might not be even. Dr. Silberg can bond certain substances to your teeth that will make them appear straighter. Sometimes, your teeth will need an extension to help them appear even. In addition to good appearance, bonding substances can also help with your bite.

Dr. Silberg can affix certain materials directly to your teeth. These materials can augment the appearance and function of your teeth. Veneers are one type of tooth extension that can make a smaller or shorter tooth match the immediate surrounding teeth. If you have a chipped tooth, we can fill in the chip with a substance that enhances your tooth structure.


Sometimes, your teeth may not be even or one jaw may be uneven. This problem can create an overbite. Braces and retainers are the traditional way for dentists to make your teeth align easily. Braces and retainers can take a certain amount of time to work, while also being a pain to take care of. Advances in orthodontics include invisible braces, made out of molded plastics. These new types of orthodontics can be easily removed for brushing and flossing, while not being noticed by your family and friends.

Dental Implants

Sometimes, we may need to have a tooth removed because of damage. One of the ways to overcome missing teeth is to get dental implants. Dental implants are the ultimate solution to dentures. Dental implants are highly effective. When you get a dental implant, the implant is placed directly into your jaw in the old tooth socket. The implant is then molded to match your other teeth, giving you the ideal cosmetic and functional solution.

Covering Up a Root Canal

Dr. Silber will primarily strive to keep your natural teeth. After a cavity has significantly damaged the interior of your tooth, you may need to get the pulpy center removed. Root canals are often covered up with a filling. However, a cap or bridge may make your root canal look less unsightly. Caps and bridges are typically made out of porcelain or metal and can have a white exterior to help mask your root canal. Bridges and caps can also have the added benefit of protecting your remaining tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry practices go a long way towards maintaining the overall efficacy of your smile. Dentists have developed many treatments that are aimed towards helping your overall appearance. Some of these treatments have the added benefit of increasing your overall dental function. Cosmetic dentistry increases your dental health, while giving you the added benefit of a great appearance. Cosmetic dentistry enhances your teeth while helping you maintain a high level of self-esteem. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Silberg today!


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