While brushing your teeth is often considered to be the foundation of good oral health care, brushing alone is often not enough when it comes to removing harmful bacteria. There is more to good oral health than just brushing your teeth! It’s recommended that you incorporate several other things into your oral health care routine in order to get take care of your mouth and smile!

Tip 1: Flossing

Many people underestimate the importance of flossing your teeth and gums. Do you know that when you don’t floss, you’re leaving 35% of your tooth unclean? That fact is one of the reasons that brushing your teeth just isn’t enough! By including flossing into your routine, you’ll be able to more thoroughly clean your teeth and gums; removing the excess food and bacteria that brushing can’t reach on its own.

Many people avoid flossing due to discomfort or laziness. But if you start to incorporate it into your daily brushing routine it will not feel like an extra chore or be as uncomfortable. If you aren’t sure how exactly to floss Dr. Silberg or one of his dental hygienists can show you the proper way to floss you teeth, and often will provide you with dental floss as well.

Tip 2: Eat a Balanced Diet

Your diet has a lot to do with your oral health care. While you have no doubt been told to avoid sugary foods, you might not understand why. Sugary foods in excess are one of the leading causes of tooth decay and gum disease when a patient is not utilizing proper oral health care. But keep in mind that sugary foods aren’t the only types of food you should avoid either.

It is recommended that you limit the acidic foods and drinks you consume also. Acidic foods and drinks consumed in excess can result in damage to your tooth enamel. Your enamel is important as it helps prevent damage done to your teeth and makes your teeth white! All in all, it is important to avoid foods & beverages that damage your teeth and only consume them in moderation. Focus on eating a balanced diet ensuring that you receive proper nutrition from whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and proteins. This is crucial not only for your overall health, but your oral health as well.

Tip 3: Regular Dental Visits

After reaching adulthood, many patients avoid going to the dentist. We cannot stress this enough: the Dr. Silberg is your friend! Scheduling regular dental checkups is crucial to your oral health. At these checkup appointments, we can assess whether or not you have any issues that can help you stay healthy, and what the current state of your oral health care is. This is also a great time to receive a professional dental cleaning—leaving your mouth happy, healthy, and refreshed!


As covered above, it is important to realize that brushing your teeth is not enough when it comes to your oral care. You need to ensure that you floss, and receive regular dental checkups with professional teeth cleanings. Your oral health care is extremely important since you use your mouth everyday; from eating to talking. Don’t you want to do everything you can do keep your teeth happy and healthy? Should you have any questions about proper care of your mouth, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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