As technology advances, so does the way that we treat periodontal disease. This ever-evolving technology has brought laser gum treatment. If you are suffering from periodontal disease and unsure what laser gum treatment is, whether it’s safe, how long it takes, etc. here are the answers to help you feel less anxious about the procedure:

What does laser gum surgery consist of?

A high-tech process, it uses lasers instead of the traditional periodontal tools to clean tartar from the roots, surface, gum pockets etc. In order to prevent the progression of periodontal disease and tooth loss, it’s important to have this treatment. The lasers will use energy to cut/vaporize the damaged tissue.

Is it safe?

Yes, laser therapy is safe. The Silberg Center For Dental Science will always stick to the strict guidelines with the lasers, ensuring that you are kept safe throughout the treatment. We will take the correct precautions necessary and will make sure that you are prepared completely for the procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

Unlike the traditional gum treatment for periodontal disease (which would be spread over a series of one-hour sessions), laser gum treatment can be completed over two, two-hour sessions. An important thing to consider, however, is that there will be ongoing care that will have to be taken in order to prevent your teeth from future damage.

Is laser gum treatment painful?

Similarly, unlike the more traditional methods, laser gum treatment will offer significantly less discomfort and pain. There will, of course, be a small amount of pain as the bacteria and damaged tissue is removed, but it will be virtually painless apart from that (local anesthetic is also used).

What is the recovery process like?

Laser gum treatment will allow you to get back to work, school, etc. the next day. You will be prescribed antibiotics for any soreness/pain that you are feeling.

How much does the surgery cost?

This will depend on how extensive and severe the periodontal disease has become. It is, however, comparable to the more traditional methods of periodontal disease treatment. It is also necessary for cases that are beyond another form of treatment. After a checkup, we will determine whether it is necessary for you to have this treatment, before discussing what the cost is with you.

Why you should contact us for treatment

If you’re suffering from periodontal disease and are looking for a solution, get in contact with The Silberg Center For Dental Science today and we will do what we can to help. An award-winning periodontics practice in PA, we have years of experience in dentistry and periodontal disease treatment. Ensuring that your oral hygiene is taken care of, your health is our utmost priority. Want to find out more about our laser gum treatment procedure? Contact us today or request an appointment online with our quick and easy form.


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