Happy Holidays From The Silberg Center for Dental ScienceAll of us at The Silberg Center for Dental Science would like to wish all of you a Happy Holiday! The winter season is fast upon us, and this is an exciting time full of many celebrations and holidays to enjoy. We hope you get to soak in the season with people you care about and that your holiday season is full of fun, joy, laughter, food, and presents.

We also hope that you maintain good oral hygiene habits during this time of year. We know how hard it can be to resist the snacks and goodies that are abundant during the season, and we don’t expect you to abstain. But, to keep gums and teeth health, it’s important to brush and floss regularly.

The winter season is also full of travel plans. Lots of people are driving and flying across the country to see loved ones. Because of the amount of people travelling and also the winter conditions, it is important to think ahead and plan ways to stay safe while travelling this holiday season.

So, we have compiled a few tips to help our patients have a safe holiday while travelling.

1: Consider taking a train.

Travelling by a train is a great way to get around during the winter. Pittsburgh and the Northeast United States has access to train travel across the area. So, if you are tired of flights being delayed, getting to your destination on a train can have its upsides.

2: Keep your mobile phone charged.

Delays often happen during this time of year. Your flight might take longer to take off than expected, and traffic can be slow. Making sure your phone is charged before you take off is a good idea. Also, bringing portable chargers can keep your phone charged if you are waiting or have an emergency come up.

3: Bring snacks with you.

Long wait times can mean hunger and thirst. If you’re flight is delayed or traffic is backed up, it is smart to have nonperishable snacks and water on hand. Make sure and bring water with you if you are travelling in a vehicle, and, if travelling by plane, fill up your water bottle after going through security.

4: If you are driving, make sure and check the weather for driving conditions.

It is important to heed travel advisories and err on the side of caution. It is better to be late than be in an accident. By checking the weather, you can avoid driving in bad conditions or getting caught in a storm.


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