iStock_000021905716_XXXLarge compressedWe hope that all our patients enjoy their holiday plans! This is a great time of year to stay warm at home during the cold weather, to get closer to family and loved ones you don’t see often, to celebrate the good things in life–and, of course, to eat a whole lot of good food!

Just make sure that, after you finish your Thanksgiving feast, you are extra careful to clean your teeth thoroughly. Bacteria LOVE sugar, and several of the traditional Thanksgiving foods you’ll be eating have a high sugar content. Pie, cranberry sauce, and candied yams are especially sweet, which tastes great but can be hard on your teeth. While you’re having your meal, the bacteria will be enjoying a meal of their own, one which can cause the growth of plaque and put your teeth in danger of decay. In addition, teeth can be stained by wine and coffee–both of which you’re more likely to have during the holidays. So be sure to brush and floss carefully to keep your teeth healthy and bright.

At Silberg Center for Dental science, we want you to be proud of your smile. Make sure to take good care of it–especially during the holidays, when there’s so much to smile about! No one wants a toothache as a holiday gift, and

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and an excellent end to the year!


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