Take Dental Implants For a Test DriveĀ®

Does it surprise you that nearly 100 percent of Dr. Silbergs patients love their dental implants — and give them a stellar approval rating? None want to return to the bad old days of dentures!

But how do you know you'll love them? Well ,Dr. Silberg offers a way for you to giving them a test drive — not just a casual spin around the block tes, but a thorough examination.

Get a sense of the experience!

Are you ready to:

  • Feel good about yourself again
  • Chew, speak and smile with confidence
  • Savor the basic pleasure of food once more
  • Feel younger (and look younger too!)

Start Your Trial Spin Now! Here's how it works:

1. Take the driver's seat.

Dr. Silberg places your dental implants in a quick, easy procedure. He then custom-fits your new dentures to snap onto the dental implants.

2. Take 45 days to test-drive your new implants.

Check the visibility. Admire and share your dazzling new smile. Try different terrain. Enjoy all your favorite foods with secure new teeth. Check the handling. Your new teeth are snug and solid in every situation — laughing, talking, singing, dancing, speaking. Feel the comfort and confidence. Quality is in the details. If you're happy, congratulations! You now have dental implants that can last for a lifetime (unlike your car).

3. Satisfaction guaranteed

Not happy with how your new teeth perform? No worries, just return them. At your request, Dr. Silberg removes your implants and returns the surgical fee. He will remove the snaps and will reline your denture.

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Contact Us today to schedule your test drive!

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*Take Dental Implants For a Test Drive is a registered Trademark of the Silberg Center for Dental Science

Take Dental Implants for a Test Drive

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