Losing a tooth can be embarrassing and debilitating, especially if the tooth loss occurred in a visible area. Although many people are tempted to opt for a less expensive dental bridge to fill the void, a modern single tooth implant offers a better range of benefits.Getting a single tooth implant has many benefits over dental bridges.

Missing a Tooth? Problems With Bridges

Tooth loss does more than give your smile a gapped look. When you talk and chew with your natural teeth, they stimulate the area within the socket, which helps the jawbone to stay strong and healthy. Unfortunately, when a tooth goes missing, the jaw doesn’t receive this stimulation, and the bone can start to resorb, or melt away. Over time, this bone loss can weaken the rest of the periodontal arch, putting your other teeth at risk. However, Pittsburgh dental implants recreate this natural stimulation, keeping your jaw healthy and strong, which protects your arch and your face shape.

Another problem with dental bridges is that they can put extra strain on the neighboring teeth. Because they are typically supported with a retainer or permanent metal brackets, bridges put pressure on the supporting teeth when you chew or clench your teeth. But, dental implants are independently supported, allowing the neighboring teeth to stay strong and healthy.

For these reasons, a single dental implant is better than a bridge.

Single Tooth Implant: Other Benefits

Protecting your teeth isn’t the only benefit of dental implants. Here are just a few other reasons that dentists prefer dental implants for their patients.

    • Confidence

      Because removable bridges can slip or fall out, they can make some people worried about eating certain foods during the day—especially in social settings. On the other hand, dental implants are strongly anchored into your jawbone, improving your confidence.

    • Improved Appearance

      Specialists designed dental implants to mimic the contours, color, and opacity of your natural teeth. That way, nobody will know that you’ve had dental repairs.

    • Simpler, More Effective Dental Hygiene

      Dental implants don’t need any special care other than routine brushing and flossing. This means that you can keep the rest of your teeth clean and healthy—without adding chores to your daily hygiene routine.

Talk With Your Dentist About Dental Implants Today

If you need to have a tooth replaced, make an appointment with Dr. Silberg today to talk about dental implants. Besides enjoying a beautiful, stable smile, we might surprise you with how natural dental implants feel. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.


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