The leaves are starting to fall- What about your gums?

Leaves falling off of the trees is seasonal and it is expected. Gums falling off of your teeth…well that is a different story. Your teeth are supposed to be protected by the gums that cover them. When the gum begins to disappear from a tooth the following happens:

    • The gum tissue disintegrates and disappears
    • The supporting bone underneath disappears: Note lower bone means a lower gum level
    • Exposure of the soft root surface know as “long in the tooth!”
    • Root abrasion, root wear/destruction
    • Sensitivity
    • Greater tendency towards decay

You don’t have to live with sensitive exposed roots. In most cases they can be covered back up.Over the past 50 years several different methods have been created to reverse the damage that has occurred. Several examples are shown below. Check out our web site and for more examples.

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