Drinks That Eat Teeth

May 31, 2017

As the weather gets warmer and summer is here we start to crave some of our favorite summer drinks! It’s easy to quench our thirst with fruit juices and sodas on a hot day or after a fun summer... Read More

What To Do When A Root Canal Fails

May 13, 2017

If a tooth becomes infected and painful, a root canal is a common treatment. Root canals do not fail often, but when they do fail, it is important to get the right treatment. Root canals... Read More

Are you caring for your dental implants?

April 11, 2017

If you recently enhanced your smile with beautiful dental implants from Dr. Silberg, it is important to properly care for them. Caring for your implants will ensure that they will be able to... Read More

Why a Single Tooth Implant is Better Than a Bridge

March 31, 2017

Losing a tooth can be embarrassing and debilitating, especially if the tooth loss occurred in a visible area. Although many people are tempted to opt for a less expensive dental bridge to fill... Read More

Spring Cleaning & A New Smile

March 21, 2017

Spring has sprung and it is time once again to crack down on your spring cleaning! Here are some tips and tricks to help spring cleaning go more smoothly this year. Start Small It is easy to... Read More

Why a Periodontist is Best For Dental Implants

March 10, 2017

Did you know that there aren’t any laws prohibiting dentists from practicing outside of their specialty in the United States? This means that the general dentist down the street might also... Read More


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