Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Silberg and our entire staff would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This time of year is filled with great friends, family time, and of course, all of your favorite foods. Unfortunately, some of those classic seasonal dishes aren’t as good for your teeth as they are for your spirit. Here are just a few Thanksgiving dental villains and how to prevent long-term dental damage.

Thanksgiving Dental Villains

  • Cranberry Sauce, Red Wine, Brown Gravy, Berry Pies

    The shiny, white dental enamel that covers the visible portions of your teeth is actually porous, made up of a tightly-woven network of hydroxyapatite crystals. Unfortunately, this means that the dyes from the pigmented foods that we eat can leach through enamel and stain the underlying dentin, where discoloration is hard to remove. Prevent staining by avoiding heavily pigmented foods like cranberry sauce, brown gravy, red wines, and coffee.

  • Turkey Drumsticks

    Hard foods like turkey bones, nuts, and even toasted breads in stuffings can be hard to chew through, which can land you with a chipped tooth or a fractured dental crown. When you eat Thanksgiving dinner, try to avoid any foods that might present surprise hard spots that could damage dental work or natural teeth.

  • Grandma’s Stuffing

    The human mouth is home to at least 25 different strains of oral bacteria all of which attack your teeth. Unfortunately, these bacteria produce acids they feed on simple starches from the foods that you eat, which is why you should limit your exposure to starches like stuffing, cereal mix, and rolls.

  • Pies, Pies, Pies

    Bacteria also feed on simple sugars like sucrose and fructose, so try to avoid indulging in seconds and thirds of your favorite pie. If you do decide to indulge, don’t let that sugar just sit on your teeth; drink water to rinse away the residue, or brush and floss if you can.

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Don’t leave it up to chance—schedule your next dental appointment today to keep your teeth clean and healthy during the holidays. Preventive care, such as deep cleanings, protective sealants, and examinations to check for underlying decay, can help your teeth to stay strong and healthy. Your favorite Pittsburgh periodontist is currently accepting new patients, so call Dr. Silberg’s office today to schedule your appointment.


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