If you have noticed your teeth are longer and more sensitive, you may be experiencing gum recession. This can cause tooth pain, sensitivity, and eventually tooth loss. Gum recession can create pockets or gaps in the space between your gums and teeth allowing bacteria to reside in these pockets and turn into an infection. Increased sensitivity can develop when gums recede and more of the tooth or the root of the tooth is exposed. The part of the tooth that is exposed when the gum recedes is not as hard as the enamel on the rest of the tooth and is more susceptible to cavities. Gum recession can be caused by using a toothbrush that is not soft, brushing too hard for a long period of time, tobacco use, misaligned teeth and periodontal disease.shutterstock_94074964.compressed

A Better Way

Dr. Silberg can correct receding gums by utilizing the new Pinhole Surgical Technique™. Traditionally surgery to correct gum recession includes cutting out a section of gum tissue away from the roof of the mouth. That tissue is then surgically placed under the existing gum line and stitched into place. The new tissue assimilates with the gum tissue around it, resulting in a long and painful healing process. This process can only correct one or two teeth at a time.

Here at the Silberg Center for Dental Science, Dr. Silberg offers the state-of-the-art procedure the Pinhole Surgical Technique™. This incredible, noninvasive technique can fix all your gums in one appointment. You will only need a local anesthetic and once in effect, a small needle is used to create a pinhole in the gums. Unlike the older techniques, there will be no stitches, no cutting and no grafting. The pinhole will heal completely within 24 hours, in most people, and the recovery is quicker and less painful. Directly after the procedure you will see the instant, lasting results.

After the pinhole is created Dr. Silberg will take specialized tools to loosen and reposition the gum tissue to cover the roots of the affected teeth. Collagen strips are then placed in the tissue to help stabilize the gums. The gums will heal very quickly and you will be able to resume your regular diet as early as the next day.


Gum grafting is no longer the best option for receding gums. Contact us to schedule a discussion with Dr. Silberg, who studied this technique under the creator Dr. Chao and has mastered its application. Become one of the thousands of patients around the country that have benefited from healthy gums without painful unpredictable grafts. Schedule your Pinhole Surgical Technique™ today!


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